Is gout curable? Yes, it is!

Gout is synonymous with acute pain. People who have never experienced a gout attack are lucky as they just cannot imagine how acute gout pain is. Gout belongs to the family of arthritis and is usually characterized by severe joint pain, swelling and irritation around the affected joint.

Here is a brief explanation of common gout causes and recommended gout treatment. Uric acid may be defined as the end product of the ongoing chemical processes inside the body. People who suffer from gouty arthritis have more uric acid in their blood than what is actually required. This can be either due to excessive uric acid formation or due to the inability of the kidneys to pass the acid on to the urine. Both these cases result in uric acid deposition in the body. Initially the excessive uric acid keeps floating in the blood but it accumulates in the joints when the blood becomes too full to be carrying it along. It is this deposited uric acid which is called gout. The accumulated uric acid crystals are generally needle shaped and this is why gout patients experience such unbearable pain. Gout may target any bodily joint but it is usually the big toe that has to bear the brunt. When gout attacks the big toe, the disease is called podagra in particular.

Usually, gout patients are so frustrated with the problem and the irritation that comes along, that they do not hesitate to go in for over the counter gout medication. Painkillers may help in relieving the gout patient of all the pain but they may cause strong side effects. Aspirin, for example is known to further worsen the gout problem leave alone relieving the pain. Instead of popping up painkillers that provide momentary relief, the patient must address the root cause of the gout problem. It is only a qualified rheumatologist who can suggest effective ways to address the excessive uric acid problem directly. There are many NSAIDs that help to curb extreme uric acid production. Then there are many medications which help to prevent future gout attacks.

Although it is a doctor who can best suggest an effective gout treatment and gout medication but there are some foods which are held to be especially beneficial in treating gout. Cherries, for instance help a great deal in treating gout. A gout patient must consume over 15 cherries a day to gain the real benefit of the fruit. Vegetable juices like beetroot juice, cucumber juice, carrot juice etc are also very effective in dealing with gout. Likewise apples, French beans, banana and lime are great foods for gout patients. Who says gout cannot be prevented? Not only can gout be prevented, it can be cured as well. To be able to cure gouty arthritis, a solid gout treatment must be undertaken so that the problem does not reappear.

Got patients need not worry themselves sick over their gout problem. They must consult a specialist to avail the best gout treatment.

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